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Issue number 8
Vol.5 n°1 - 2004 Vol.5 n°1 - 2004

CEO Perspectives on the Current Status and Future Prospects of the Third-Party Logistics Industry in the United States: the 2003 Survey
Authors: Robert Lieb
Northeastern University
Brooks A. Bentz
Keywords: Third-Party Logistics CEO perspectives United States 2003survey
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Exploring New Supply Chain Strategies in the Parmaceutical Industry
Authors: Pietro Romano
University of Udine
Pamela Danese, Andrea Vinelli
University of Padova

Keywords: Pharmaceutical industry supplychain strategy trade-off implementation
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The Importance of Culture and Change Management in Planning for an ERP Implementation
Authors: Dag Naslund
University of North Florida
Keywords: ERP systems implementation processes Change management
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Review of Supply Chain Management Research
Authors: Dan Ahlstedt, Ari-Pekka Hameri
HEC Lausanne Business School
Keywords: supply chain management literature review international supply chains improvement process management information technology
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CPG Food and Beverage Market Dynamics and Supporting Supply Chain Systems
Authors: Sameer Kumar, Cheryl Ostor
University of St Thomas
Keywords: Food and beverage industry Brand management Food and beverage supply chain Consumer package goods; ERP CPFR
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Hewlett-Packard - Creating a Virtual Supply Chain (A & B)
Authors: Petri Lehtivaara, Carlos Cordon,
Thomas E. Vollman, Ralf W. Seifert

IMD Lausanne
Keywords: Hewlett-Packard outsourcing virtual manaufacturing tape technology
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