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Reverse Logistics Networks and Governance Structures
Issue number 13
Vol.7 n°2 - 2006 Governance of Supply Chains

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Abstract: Over the last few years, the management of reverse logistics has become increasingly important for organizations and a field of interest for researchers. We observe that the implementation and coordination of reverse logistics networks call for original responses with regard to their governance structure. In this context, the research question for this article is which factors explain the existence and contribution of different governance structures in reverse logistics. Our research is exploratory in nature, and we look at the following reverse logistics networks: recycling of used tires, empty beer bottles, used paint, and paper products. Some of our case studies feature original arrangements where additional stakeholders, such as government organizations and dedicated third parties, become involved in the governance of reverse logistics networks and modify the natural relationships normally observed in traditional supply chains.

Authors: Jacques Roy, Jean Nollet, Martin Beaulieu, HEC Montréal

Keywords: Governance structures reverse logistics reverse logistics networks

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