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Measuring Supply Chain Integration: a Social Network Approach
Issue number 11
Vol.6 n°2 - 2005 Trust and Collaboration in the Supply Chain

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Abstract: The degree to which managers in organizations linked by a supply network coordinate their activities and communicate with each other influences the outcomes of supply chain integration. The completeness of ties formed by such communication and coordination is referred to as network density. Measurement of network density is not common in supply chain literature. This paper describes exploratory work on using Social Network Analysis (SNA) to measure the extent of network density in a South American port supply chain. I propose that SNA can be used to advance the theory and practice of supply chain management by giving academicians and managers a method to more finely estimate the impact of organizational structures they put in place on network density and supply chain integratio

Authors: Peggy D. Lee Penn State Great Valley

Keywords: Supply network supply chain integration Social Network Analysis

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